Here are just a small selection of testimonials that you may like to read

Some of the testimonials are from learner drivers, they are important for you to read because you to can have customers like these good people

Alun, I PASSED! My 3rd attempt at Part 3 !  I am so glad I called last week and ended up with you for the 5 hours training.

Having been assessed by Sue for an hour, she said she would help me but she gave me the impression that I was a long way from being ready . When you telephoned last Friday to arrange the training, I was not feeling confident about things especially when the only test date available to me was in Weston-Super -Mare, a long way from Tregaron, and my last chance to become an ADI.

For the 1st time during my training, I had someone who would not take no for an answer, and emphasised that the word "CAN'T" is not in the vocabulary! My fault finding was non existant, but what you said was correct, " how do you expect a learner to correct his/her faults if the Instructor cannot see them occuring! The pupil cannot rectify their mistakes if they are not aware of them! I learnt so much in those 5 hours, more than I had done in my 40 hours ! You emphasised the need to listen carefully to the scenario given by the examiner as the clues are within that scenario and that you have to distinguish completely between Part 1 and Part 2.Part 1 you are teaching something new so stay in charge of the lesson and treat the examiner as a "PUPIL" not an examiner, and go through the briefing within the time alloted therefore giving you the opportunity to teach, prompt and an independent drive if the time allows; Part 2, do NOT teach, prompt, again listening to the scenario given to you. Try to prevent the mistake happening and to avoid retrospective questions, by then it is too late!

What was even better, when I arrived in Weston on Monday, the PST given to me was the one you gave me on the Friday morning , giving me a 2/2 followed by a lecture and then repeating the same one on Friday afternoon and having a 4/4 from you with plenty of encouraging feedback. Guess what, I had a 4/4 on Monday as well! Brilliant, thanks so much, I am an ADI .

Ian Williams

Alun,thanks so much for all the work and effort you have put in over the past few months in providing driving lessons for Sophie.We are all over the moon and delighted that she has now passed her driving test.Not only has she passed, but we are also happy in the knowledge that her driving competence and ability which you have instilled in her will stand her in good stead for her future driving career. Once again, a big thank you from L ,M and especially Soph.

Laurance Howe

Thank you so much for getting Niall through his driving test, we feel very safe in the car with him; his girlfriend was correct in recommending you to us. Your brilliant!. Julie and Trefor Armstrong.

"Alun, thank you so much for putting up with me and giving me the confidence required to pass first time! I was on the point of giving up until you were recommended, having had 5 previous instructors.Your sense of humour helped me a lot and made me feel at ease but at the same time you made sure I was aware of my mistakes! When I am out on my own now I can still hear your voice nagging away at me, Check your mirrors, check your speedometer, check your revs, what if? Will it ever go away? Thanks again, Tanya.

"Alun, just a quick note to say thank you! I am so glad my Nan took down your number off your car. You have taught me the importance of careful driving and the skills to drive to a high standard. I will endeavour to maintain the high standards tou have shown me and I am looking forward to doing the pass plus with you. Best Wishes, Christian.

Hi Alun, thank you for all your help and giving me the ability to drive safely, I am over the moon to pass first time.Regards. Andrew Taylor.

Hi Alun, thank you so much, I cannot believe it! I have passed my driving test! I arrived in Llantwit Major last Sunday not knowing what to expect, the prospect of a 25 hour intensive course in an area I did not know. After the initial 30 minute assessment you gave me, you were so honest with me but at the same time totally understanding when I became very upset.When you told me that I actually needed 40 hours rather than 25, I assumed that it was a complete waste of time in travelling from Leicester just to fail again.Having already failed 9 previous tests, you can imagine what I was feeling like. However, what you told me would happen, happened! I am still ashamed about the way I spoke to you on the Wednesday and did not expect you to even consider teaching me again and I was taken aback when you turned up at my B+B on the Thursday morning and asked if I was ready to continue.
I am so glad you did and cannot believe how well I am now able to drive and although I will probably never see you again I will always be grateful to you, even though you are a complete ".......". I don't mean it! Honestly . Thanks again, Hannah x.

Alun came highly recommended after leaving my first instructor. His passrates made the call!!
Alun Hodges offers and maintains a fair and safe practise. He manages to teach a lifeskill from certified knowledge and experience within a relaxed and informal space.
Credit is always given when due, you exceed your ability. After a lesson with Alun, stepping out of the drivers seat, you leave with a sense of confidence.
A big personality!! Ticks all the boxes of an excellent instructor!
I'm happy when i say 'IT'S ONE 'L' OF A CAR JOURNEY!'
Melissa Yeo- ex pupil
"Alun's a really great teacher. I passed first time with only two minors. He knows exactly what it takes to become a good driver and communicates it nice and clearly. I'd recommend him to any learner driver."
Rachel Martin