How do you run a driving school?



"You need to know how to make money"

Running Your Own School

Most companies helping people to become a driving instructor will do just that, or encourage you to join their franchise. However I offer you much more.

Once you are qualified it does not mean you can run a driving school, and having a business in a different industry may give you a few pointers but will not cover everything you need.

During your training with me I am going to show you how to run a driving school.

Here are a few questions for you to ponder over...

1) How do you retain a pupil? They could leave you and go elsewhere, so what do you need to do to ensure your customer stays with you week in, week out?

2) Lesson cancellations are the biggest pain in the driving instructor industry "I'm sorry I have no money" is very expensive to you, how can you limit this?

3) How do I get learner drivers without having to spend lots of money on advertising that might not work?

These are just 3 questions - there are many more and I can help you.

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Running Your Own School

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