Becoming an advanced driver



"Where the fun begins"

Training: Part 2

You may have guessed already you have a need to improve your driving skills to get you to a level where you understand the difference between being a normal every day driver and the standards required to become a driving instructor.

The beauty of your part 2 training is you can also train by yourself.
After 121 improvement lessons with me, you'll leave the training and start to practice your new skills, over and over.

When you come back to me for more training, I will show you how you have progressed and help you with new skills you need to develop so you are ready for the advanced driving test.

It is only natural for you to have questions, some you may think of today but other questions will arise as your training progresses, not only will I be on hand to assist you but I will also be asking you questions to make sure you know your stuff.

Training: Part 2

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